This article describes the terms and conditions that apply to using TOES.

What is TOES?

TOES - The Online Entry System - is a web-based service.
The goal of TOES is to offer modern and easy to use services to the cat show community. Currently, the tool focuses on supporting show running a TICA format, but we can easily expand this going forward.

Many of the services offered are free of charge, and some services are paying. 
We have simplified our cost model, still making a difference between small, average and large shows.

Following services are offered by the TOES :

  • Show Calendar
  • Cat Portfolio
  • Show Entry Tool
  • Entry Clerk Tool

All of TOES services are available in multiple languages, and the entire website is encrypted to protect the user's data.


TICA Show Calendar

This is a real-time fully automated show calendar.

What does that mean?

  • Show Calendar: it effectively displays a calendar listing the shows, in a clear high-level view, and it also provides show specific details that are available by simply clicking the show in the calendar.
  • Fully automated: Club Officials can add the shows for their club to the calendar themselves. Depending on the preferences expressed by the regional director of the club's region, the show will either be published immediately on the calendar, or it will remain 'hidden' to the public until the regional director approves the show. The regional director is in all cases automatically informed of the new listing on the calendar, and the shows are automatically published on the calendar if the regional director does not respond within a reasonable timeframe (48-72 hours)
  • Real-time: As soon as a club adds a show or updates information of an already listed show, the new information becomes available on the calendar instantaneously.

The use of this calendar is free of charge and available to all Clubs. In order to have access to the tool, clubs must fill out the form providing the information about their club, and at least one club official must be a registered user on TOES.


Cat Portfolio

Every registered TOES user can add their cats under their account. This service is fully free of charge
Registration on the TOES website is also free of charge and can be done on the login screen of the website.

In their portfolio users can add as many cats as they want, and can maintain information on the cats already in their portfolio.
This information is centrally stored, and it is the ONLY place where they will have to keep the information up-to-date.

Entering a show will be a breeze, and will not require providing the cat's data again.


Show Entry Tool

Registered TOES users will be able to enter shows directly from the show calendar - provided the club decides to use TOES as their entry system, of course.

The process is easy :

  • the user clicks the "enter this show" button for a show,
  • selects a cat from his portfolio or adds a new one if it was not there yet,
  • selects the show days on which he wants to participate,
  • indicates whether the entry should be exhibition only and/or for sale,
  • gives the name of the agent (if applicable),
  • indicates whether or not the entry will partake in congresses (this option will only appear if the entry is eligible for the available congresses),
  • fill in the summary information and click save

In very much the same way the user is also able to reserve one or more placeholder(s) for a show, again directly from the show calendar with a simple click.

In the show calendar, the user will at all times see an overview of entries he already made for the shows and will be able to cancel/update if/when needed

This whole service is again, fully free of charge!


Entry Clerk Tool

This is a very powerful tool, available to clubs that will use TOES as their entry tool of choice.

TOES literally makes the life of an entry clerk as easy as possible (below features are available to the entry clerk, but ONLY for shows where he/she is entry clerk) :

  • clear overview of all entries (per exhibitor or a chronological view)
  • filtering of the view based on status (new, accepted, confirmed,...) or on exhibitor
  • easy one-click accepting of new entries and placeholders
  • easy one-click, personalized confirmation emails to the exhibitor (confirmation will be sent in the exhibitor's language of choice!)
  • personalized confirmations, including all details provided by the club regarding various topics (PayPal, bank account payments, travel, hotels, ...)
  • the automatic waiting list for entries/placeholders that are received after the show has filled for one or more show days
  • as soon as a spot opens up on a show day, the first entry/placeholder on the waiting list is moved into the show
  • a built-in system to prevent abuse (accepting/refusing entries based on a principle other than the first in/first out principle)
  • real-time show summary views (catcount, ...)
  • an easy way to list the fees owed (and paid) per exhibitor
  • financial overview of the show (exhibitors, # of entries per day per exhibitor, # spaces/cages, grooming space, fees owed, fees paid, fees due, ...)
  • one click creation of show documents (catalogs, master catalogs, late pages, judges books, ...)
  • judges books including judges names, final pages, ring numbers, ...
  • laser printer printing for judges books
  • time/cost saving due to ease of use (cost savings on entry clerk fees are possible for the club)
  • ...

The use of the entry clerk tool is based on a per transaction cost. This model allows for a linear proportion between the cost of TOES, and the revenue it is helping the club to generate.

Cost Model - Small, Average and Large Shows

The fees for using TOES can be calculated as follows:

  • Less than 115 cats on every show day/session - cost for entire show: 65 EUR 
  • At least one show day/session with 115 cats or more: 75 EUR

Are to be counted in this cat count:

  • All entries - this includes regular rings, congresses as well as exhibition only cats
  • The count is based on the number of cats in the master catalog - not on the number of cats actually present.

Shows that are canceled shall still be charged, based on the number of entries received prior to canceling.

The currency used is for TOES cost is always EUR.


Payment of TOES Fees and late payment fees

You will receive a PayPal invoice. It is the responsibility of the club to inform TOES to which email address the invoice is to be sent - failure to do this will not result in the below mentioned due dates or penalties to change. Invoices are due within 10 days of sending the invoice.
When an invoice remains unpaid after 10 days, the total amount of the invoice is increased by 20 EUR.
When an invoice remains unpaid after 20 days, the total amount of the invoice is again increased, this time by 25 EUR. Additionally, the club will be put on the TOES bad debt list, and services will be suspended until such time that the invoice is paid.

Payment of fees for using the TOES entry clerk tool is by default done by Paypal. If this is not possible for the club, the club must contact the TOES administrator and make an agreement regarding payment prior to the show.

By default, the 65 EUR fee will be charged. Only if a club exceeds the threshold for the 75 EUR fee, an update of the invoice, ie a second invoice will be sent for the balance.


TOES reserves the rights to update the terms and conditions at any point in time but will commit to respecting the terms and conditions for each transaction as they were at the time the transaction was made. This means that any changes in the terms and conditions would only apply to Shows that are not yet opened on the show calendar at the time the update was made.

TOES does not take any responsibility or liability in case of problems as a result of a TOES malfunction. The service is offered on a best effort basis. TOES will, however, compensate in case of TOES issues up to the amount of fees that are due for its use for the show where the problems are occurring.

TOES commits to doing any reasonable effort in order to assist in case of software issues that may appear in the TOES platform and commits to making the service the tool of choice for all Clubs and Exhibitors

TOES also commits to further develop the portfolio of services and to improve the user experience for all users.

TOES commits to taking all reasonable precautions for protecting the users' data, both in terms of confidentiality and in terms of contingency (daily backups)