Several years ago, I decided to build an online tool that would allow our exhibitors to enter shows easily, without having to provide the same information over and over again. And I wanted that same tool to make the entry clerk process easier for entry clerks, and for clubs.
That is how I started with TOES, and we have been extending and improving TOES over those years. We started small and currently, the majority of the clubs worldwide have chosen TOES as their entry tool.

But what is this TICApp, or Cat Show App all about? Well, it is the next natural step towards providing our exhibitors, clubs, clerks and also visitors with modern tools. The version we just released on the Google Play Store (named: TICApp) and on the Apple App Store (named: The Cat Show App) is the first version in a serious of planned versions, each adding more and more features.

Below a description of the current (first) version, as well as a sneak preview into the roadmap.


V 1.0 (June 2018)

A very first version with very limited features.
In this version, an app user can see a calendar listing shows that will be using the app for their show. The app shows both upcoming, as well as past shows (past shows can be reached via the main menu).

Once a show is selected, a few options appear of which currently only one is of interest: RING RESULTS.
This is nothing else than a judge’s book style catalog, listing all the entries per day/session, per ring, per class.
It is in this section that the app user can enter show results, just like they would in a normal paper version of the catalog.
There is currently one feature that was never before available for our exhibitors/clerk: the app will check mechanics, so you cannot make mechanical mistakes anymore. This feature is turned on by default (we refer to it as clerk mode – for clerks this feature will be forced ON at all times to avoid mistakes in ring catalogs/master catalogs).
As an exhibitor, you have the option to switch these strict mechanics checking off (option available from the home screen – user icon on the top of the screen). Why would you want to switch this off? Well, in clerk mode the app will force you to provide results for all cats in a division/breed or an entire class, before letting you provide division/breed or final results. So if you don’t plan on writing EVERYTHING down for every ring, the exhibitor mode is probably what you want to use
You will notice below, that in the upcoming versions we will be adding more great features building upon this first release, to bring you more and more services as we go.
What else does the app do? Well, for now – assume it does nothing more than just this, and look at the upcoming versions for new features!
One last noteworthy thing: the app ONLY requires connectivity for loading shows for the calendar, and the first time you load a show (to fetch the entry data) – after that, it will work 100% offline!

V2.0 (estimated delivery: August 2018)
Planned features:

  • -          select cats for which you want to receive notifications
  • -          log in to the app (for ring clerks) and get special clerk features
  • -          page exhibitor to the ring (call a cat) – clerks only. This will send a notification to users that have selected to receive notifications for this cat. 
  • -          provide a webpage that can be displayed/projected and that shows an overview of the rings and the classes/entries in the rings.
  • -          Improve the framework for advertisers (basic features only)
  • -      Automate process to upload data from TOES to the app, and limit this to only include shows for the coming weekend

Note: some of the features in this version require connectivity



Planned features

  • -          Provide special features for the master clerk
  • -          Provide login for exhibitors and allow them to check their name/address information.
  • -          Extend clerk views to include names of agents/owners for entries.
  • -          Push Late Entries, AB and transfers from the master clerk into the ring clerk apps
  • -          Create an AB List view, a Transfer List view, and a late entry list view
  • Note: some of the features in this version require connectivity


V 4.0

Planned features

  • -          Sync ring results from ring clerks to the master clerk
  • -          Check ring result and publish them to the master catalog.
  • -          Provide an interface where exhibitors can receive results “live” at the show (this feature may require a paying subscription by the exhibitors who want this)
  • -          Provide an online master catalog
  • -          Real-time show scoring (stand-alone show scoring)

Note: some of the features in this version require connectivity


V 5.0


Planned features

  • -          Provide pre-filled title claim forms
  • -          Provide one click registration for cats
  • -          Provide social network integration