Frequently Asked Question - I have more than one account, what now?

I have more than one account, what now?

Unfortunately, some users create duplicate accounts when they forget their password, or they have some other reason for creating a second account.

This is a very bad idea, as it can not only cause issues for you, but it will also confuse entry clerks when they enter a cat for you (as your name will appear multiple times in their user list, and they won't know which one to pick).

If you have more than one account, these are the two options you have:
a - log into each one of your accounts, and transfer all your cats into one of your accounts. Then let us know which accounts are now empty so we can disable those.
b - you can ask us to do a full consolidation of all information linked to your accounts. This implies not just cats, but also show subscriptions, entries, past entries, special accesses in case you are a club official, and so on... This second option is a better option, however, due to our very large userbase, and the number of requests we are getting, we are no longer able to offer this service free of charge. Your contribution for having us solve this for you is a modest 15 EUR, payable via PayPal. We thank you for your understanding in thsi matter, and for your help in letting us make TOES better for you every day!