Frequently Asked Question - How do I print my judges books on TICA EO supplies, i.e. on a matrix printer?

How do I print my judges books on TICA EO supplies, i.e. on a matrix printer?

While we strongly recommend switching to printing on NCR paper using a laser or inkjet printer, it is still possible to print on TICA EO supplies using your matrix printer. Please see below why we think you should switch, and also to get details on how to use your matrix printer with TOES.

1. Why switch?

  • Quality of print is much better on a laser/inkjet printer. Your judges' books will look a lot better
  • When printing using NCR paper, TOES' generates your books in PDF format. A standard format you can easily preview (or even edit if you have the appropriate software)
  • In the PDF version of the judges' books all the judges' names, as well as the final pages are pre-printed in the books - less work for you!
  • The PDF version also includes a judge expense form, including the count as present in the catalog, and the pre-calculated judges fees
  • This works on Windows, but also on Mac OSX and on Linux.
  • and... when you apply for your show license without show supplies, you will get a 50 USD reduction from TICA!

2. Printing on your matrix printer

TOES offers two ways of printing on EO supplies

a. Direct printing from TOES

While this is a very convenient and easy way of printing, there is a major caveat to this approach. Due to evermore stringent security restrictions in the modern operating systems and in the Java libraries, it is gradually getting harder to set up your local computer to allow this way of working. Eventually, it will become impossible alltogether. While TOES has this feature built-in, we will not support this approach. This approach relies on numerous local settings on your machine that are extremely hard to troubleshoot remotely. We verify that the service works, but it is up to you to configure your system if you decide to go this way. You will need QZTray on your local machine to use this approach (

b. Indirect printing, ie printing via file and a DOS program

This approach is more cumbersome, but it is failsafe. No need for difficult configurations on your local system.
When following this approach, TOES will generate your judges book in a file (formatted according to the universal ESC/P encoding for matrix printers). You can download this file, and then send it to your printer using a software program you can install and run on your windows machine.

These are the steps:
In your entry view/judges books - Select the rings you want to print books for, then near the bottom of the page click  Generate the judges' books in a file

In the popup select specific pages to print, or select to print all pages, then ckick the generate button to create the file.

The file will download to your local system. (prejudgesbook.txt)

Copy the file to c:\ or create a folder judgesbooks in C:\ (so c:\judgesbooks)  and copy the file there

You can repeat the above steps if you want to change your selection, but remember the file always has the same name so beware that you are not overwriting your previously created file if you still need it.
We recommend generating a single (or 2-3) page file first, to align the paper in your printer properly before printing the full books.

Download the spool.exe file HERE, and copy it to c:\ (if you created a judgesbook folder copy it there, i.e. to c:\judgesbooks ) 

Set your matrix printer as default printer in windows (this step can be skipped, but then you will have to add the printer name on the shell command below - not recommended unless you know what you are doing) 

Open a command prompt (Windows-Key + R  ... then type CMD and hit ENTER)

at the command prompt type c: and hit ENTER (if you put the file in the folder judgesbook, then type this instead: cd c:\judgesbooks )

make sure your printer is switched on and paper is aligned

now type the following command: spool.exe prejudgesbook.txt