GDPR – the latest hot topic. What is it, and how does it relate to TOES?
GDPR is a new legislation, that deals with how your personal information is used, and what control you have over that information after it has been provided.

Obviously, your privacy is important, and that is something we have always considered in TOES since its inception.
No doubt, many of you have read the terms and conditions and information we provided already in that context. Nevertheless, we will be detailing our policy again here!

What (personal) data are you providing that is being stored in TOES?

Well, when registering your account (or when updating it) we require your first name, your last name, your home/postal address and your email address. There are some optional fields like your phone number.

Why do we collect this data? How is your data being used?

TOES is a platform aimed at assisting clubs in organizing TICA shows, and enabling exhibitors (you) to provide the needed information to the clubs.

That is the only reason we collect this data: it is required in order for you to partake in TICA shows.
Your Full name will appear in the show catalog.
Your address information will only appear in the  master exhibitor list, which is only available to the club/master clerk, and which is subsequentally sent to the TICA Executive Office.

We currently do not use this data in any other way, nor do we provide it to any other party than TICA (and its officers/regional directors).

Going forward, we plan to add more features, to improve your user experience as a TICA exhibitor. However, the information will still only be used to provide you the TICA services in a more seamless way (example: at some point in time we hope we will be able to provide you with a fully filled titled application form after the show, as well as a one click title-can claim option).

We do not share our data with any third party other than TICA.

What other data do we collect?

Obviously, we also collect non-personal data, like the information of your cats/entries. This data is used for the same purpose as described above, to allow you to partake in TICA shows, and to provide TICA with the required information regarding your participation in the shows.

Can you access/update your data?

Yes. You can access and edit your personal account information from your user profile, and you can add, edit and even remove information from your account wrt your cats.

Note that while cat information can be removed from your user account, the actual cat’s record will remain on file permanently in order to assure the consistency of show related data. In other words, we are keeping the cat records on file so we can still reconstruct catalogs/data from past shows, or to be able to calculate show results for past shows. However, the cat’s record will no longer be linked to your account.

Can you have your account removed/disabled?

Yes – you can have your account disabled. If you need this, please contact us in writing with proof of identity so we can take the necessary steps.
However, we cannot delete accounts as this would cause “holes” in the exhibitor lists of past shows.
Therefore, while we can disable your account and make it unreachable for anyone, we keep the record in the database for consistency of the past show catalogs.

Do we collect other data?
Yes, we collect data :

  • -          from clubs (name of the clubs, contact information, billing information, list of officials)
  • -          from shows: venues, dates, general information, show officials
  • -          from judges: names, location, airports, contact information, judge status and level
  • -          from TICA directors (name, region, some setting preferences wrt approving of show dates)

This data is required for the tool to work, and this data is on permanent record in order to be able to reconstruct data of past shows.

Permanent data is never deleted from the system, it can merely be disabled, and eventually will be archived.